Living Internet

What are we doing?​

At Living Internet, we are helping businesses to develop and execute a sustainable digital B2B sales process. We provide clients with a wide range of services, including analysis, strategy design, execution, and know-how transfer.
Our strategies help to map an entire customer journey from lead generation to new customer acquisition and upselling.

Our work results are measurable, sustainable, and always completely transparent. We always aim to bring sustainable sales growth and also quick win actions.

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Our way of work​

Assessment & disclosure of the status quo

Our work will begin with a digital workshop. Doing this allows us to collect your current status quo, resources, and entrepreneurial and sales goals. We will also take the time to work out your sales bottlenecks and validate them.

Development of an individual concept and an action plan

Based on the workshop results, we will develop an individual concept and an action plan that takes into account your current status quo, resources, and business and sales goals.

Executing the Action Plan

According to the action plan we have agreed on, we will take the next steps by locating the appropriate audience for you and taking actions to create new client prospects.

Knowledge transfer and implementation

Depending on the scope of the cooperation, we will train your employees in the actions discussed or implement them together with you.

A service beyond expectations​

Offer & Positioning: Product Market Fit

We will collaborate with you to develop an attractive offer, defining your desired customers, their decision-makers, and stakeholders in the decision-making process and validating them.

Development of a supply strategy

The aim of the actions we take is to bring a system that works for your sales process. For us, this will include developing a valid offer strategy, which usually consists of an introductory offer, the main offer, an upsell, a down-sell, and a follow-up offer.

Digital lead generation

We have various powerful channels that we would be happy to discuss with you, such as direct mailing, telephone acquisition, social media acquisition, performance marketing offers, lucrative opportunities and many more. We will ensure that the lead generation mix is coordinated with your individual requirements.

Reputation And Trust-Building

We will support you with building your online reputation through the set actions in hopes of building a trusting relationship with your target group. This will include specialist articles in the media, advertorials, track records, case studies, testimonials, and systematic inquiries about existing customer ratings.

Development of digital sales systems & processes

When we approach the development of digital sales systems & processes, this will include focusing on the integration of CRM systems, digital follow-up management, data washing of existing CRM leads through digital offers, and lead scoring.

Our manifest​

There Is No Magical Sustainable Formula, That Works For All!

You have not decided to build your business by attending a conference called “7 businesses to invest”, and you did not come to this point by applying “5 figure sales within 1 month” techniques. All the businesses that want to grow deserve a trusted and realistic partner who can deliver customized services. READ MORE: