Living Internet

Digital and data expertise
since 2009

Since its foundation in 2009, Living Internet has been concerned with the search, collection, analysis and use of freely accessible data on the Internet. Our specialisation lies in the collection of social media data (Linkedin, Xing, Meetup, Stackoverflow…) as well as company data by our partners. In addition to the pure sale of data, we develop business models based on our data with the aim of completely automating manual work steps.

Living Internet …

For headhunters it is absolutely necessary to find highly qualified managers and executives with very special characteristics to approach them for interesting vacancies. For sales managers, it is imperative to find interested contact persons and decision-makers within a defined market environment in order to conduct a consultation or sales talk with them. The algorithm is similar in both cases. In the beginning we analyse gigantic, publicly accessible data volumes in order to filter out the maximum target group. In further steps the requirement profile is further sharpened in order to focus on the most relevant market participants, i.e. companies with high potential.If this preliminary investigation delivers satisfactory results, our software is used and searches over 50 social media channels (DSGVO compliant or GDPR compliant) for the relevant contact persons and decision makers. In the case of particularly complex requirement profiles, a further profiling programme is used.

The time is right

– Focus on your work steps that really bring monetary and measurable results.
– Automate auxiliary tasks such as lead generation & qualification.
– Focus on final talks and selling.

What data does Living Internet
have in its portfolio?

Social media data

Our technology is specialised in indexing the most common social media platforms according to publicly accessible profiles, and we parse, index and evaluate the search results with algorithms that lead to a high-quality and data protection compliant candidate pool. The data is evaluated strictly according to quality criteria. Thus we guarantee that you will only contact relevant persons.

Company data

Thanks to a data cooperation we have access to daily updated company data from the commercial register. It should be particularly emphasised that this is validated address and decisision-maker data.

Our validated database

– 3,5 million company profiles
– 4,5 million stakeholder profiles
– 48 million job vacancies from 2011 -2018 (as of today then about 55 million)
– 10,8 million domains in DE
– 12,7 Million Commercial register notification

Job advertisements

Durch eine Datenkooperation haben wir Zugriff auf täglich aktualisierte Stellenanzeigen aus Online-Jobbörsen, von Unternehmens-Websites sowie aus Zeitungen und Zeitschriften. Darüber hinaus verfügt unser Partner über ein Archiv aller Stellenanzeigen seit 2011: An die 48 Mio.Stellenangebote von 2011 –2018 und bis heute ca. 55 Mio.) 

How Living Internet
finds your desired customers

Define your
desired customer

On the basis of company data and social media data you select your ideal target group that you want to reach with Living Internet. This includes the region or country, the size of the company, the industry key and the exact position of your contact person. Would you like to talk to the owner, the managing director or board of directors, or would you rather talk to the buyer? You are completely free to choose your contact person.

Set the right triggers
for a successful approach

Together with you, our marketing experts will work out a target group-oriented approach. In iterative steps, our intelligent algorithms will then automatically determine and continuously optimise the response. This type of positioning ensures an above-average conversion.

Interested contacts
become lucrative leads

The warm leads generated by Living Internet, i.e. the prospective customers who express an interest in your product or service, are transmitted to you or, if you wish, automatically sent to your CRM. Now your sales representative only has to take over the warm lead and carry out the consultation and closing discussion.