Living Internet

A Digital And Data Expertise For More Than A Decade!

Since Living Internet was founded in 2009, it has been dealing with the search, collection, analysis, and use of freely accessible data on the Internet.
Our specialization lies in the collection of valuable and powerful B2B audience and company data through our partners. In addition to pure data sales, we develop business models based on our data with the aim of digitalizing the manual sales steps.
With offices situated in both Germany and the United Kingdom, we are helping B2B businesses that want to grow in the German or international markets.

Our data portfolio​

Social media data

Our technology specializes in indexing the most common social media platforms according to publicly accessible profiles. We parse, index and evaluate the search results with algorithms that lead to a high-quality and data protection-compliant candidate pool. The data is strictly evaluated according to quality criteria. In this way, we ensure that you only come into contact with the relevant people.

Company data

Through data cooperation, we have access to company data based on the commercial register that is updated daily. It should be particularly emphasized that this is validated address and decision-maker data.

Job advertisements

Through data cooperation, we have access to daily updated job advertisements from online job exchanges, company websites, newspapers, and magazines. In addition, our partner has an archive of all job advertisements since 2011, and there are around 48 million job advertisements from 2011 to 2018 and an estimated 55 million to date.

Our validated database

3.5 million company profiles
4.5 million stakeholder profiles
55 million job offers data
10.8 million domains in Germany
12.7 million commercial register entries

How will we find your ideal customers?

Defining your desired clients

Based on the company and social media data, you will select the ideal target group that you want to reach with Living Internet. In addition to the region or country. This will also include the size of the company, the industry code, and the exact position of your person of contact. For example, do you wish to speak to the owner, the managing director, or the board of directors, or would you prefer to speak to the buyer? You are completely free in the person of contact choice.

Setting the right triggers for a successful approach

Together with you, our marketing experts will work out the appropriate approach to seek your target group. In iterative steps, our intelligent algorithms will then automatically determine the response and continuously optimize it. This type of positioning ensures an above-average conversion.

Interested contacts to become lucrative leads

The warm leads generated by Living Internet, i.e. the parties who have expressed an interest in your product or service will be sent directly to you or, if you prefer, automatically sent to your CRM. Once this has been done, all your sales rep needs to do is take the warm lead and conduct the consultation and final meeting.