Living Internet

Super powers for your new customer sales

The first system worldwide that opens the door to your desired B2B customers fully automatically.
– And that without cold calling or online marketing.

Our promise:
Thanks to intelligent technology, Getleads is the only system with which you can reach the entire market. And all that without spending a lot of time and at manageable costs.

Please imagine the following situation: Every week you will receive a continuous and automatic list of potential new customers who are already waiting to talk to you. These highly qualified leads have been identified thanks to Big Data analysis and intelligent algorithms from Living Internet and have been made aware of your company, your service or your product.

In plain language, this means that your sales department now only has to reap the rewards.

How Living Internet finds
your desired customers

Address your desired
customers correctly

Based on company data and social media data you select your ideal target group that you want to reach with Living Internet. This includes the region, the size of the company, the industry key and the exact position of your contact person.

Would you like to talk to the owner, the managing director or the board of directors, or would you rather talk to the buyer?

You are completely free to choose your contact person. You can also address several contact persons in one company.

Address your desired
customers correctly

Thanks to intelligent algorithms, Living Internet knows where your desired customers are located and how we can best reach them – and this completely digitally.

Together we will work out your sales pitch, which we will deliver directly to your hungry target group.

You receive direct feedback from decision-makers on your offer.

Times when you called at the wrong moment or the secretary did not want to put you through to the decision maker are a thing of the past.

Interested contacts become
lucrative leads

Our system provides you with direct feedback from decision-makers on your offer. You do not spend any time qualifying address data, but focus your sales work exclusively on the conclusion and closing.

The warm leads generated by Living Internet, i.e. the prospective customers who express an interest in your product or service, are transmitted to you or, if you wish, automatically sent to your CRM.

Now your sales representative only has to take over the warm lead and carry out the consultation and closing discussion.

From profiling system
to market conqueror

This offer is a spin-off from a high-end profiling system that we developed for headhunters and personnel consultants. For headhunters it is absolutely necessary to find highly qualified managers and executives with very special characteristics to approach them for interesting vacancies. For the sales manager it is imperative to find interested contact persons and decision makers within a defined market environment in order to conduct a consultation or sales talk with them.the algorithm is similar in both cases. In the beginning we analyse gigantic, publicly accessible data volumes in order to filter out the maximum target group. In further steps the requirement profile is further sharpened to focus on the most relevant market participants, i.e. companies with high potential. If this preliminary investigation delivers satisfactory results, our AI program is used and searches over 50 social media channels (DSGVO compliant or GDPR compliant) for the relevant contacts and decision makers. In the case of particularly complex requirement profiles, a further profiling program is used to tune the system.

No ads necessary!
No need to build a landing page!
No SEO preliminary work necessary!
Simply define the profile of your ideal customer. The rest is done by Living Internet

Our vision

With our offer, we provide medium-sized companies with a high-end system that can systematically work the desired market. The technology behind Living Internet is comparable to a 1000 HP Formula 1 racing car. In order to bring this power on the road, we take the time to discuss the race track and all relevant parameters with each customer in a personal meeting before placing an order.