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What is the point of being better than your competitor if he can outsell you?
Full order books are the result of high quality work, consistency and reliability.
– But is this the only secret of successful entrepreneurs?

It is a fact:

A service only becomes value when it is sold. My name is Björn Wesarg and I am an entrepreneur, just like you. With my company Living Internet I have realised a dream of mine. As with you, the path was often rocky and difficult, but this is the price for a long-term orientation that cannot be reconciled with lazy compromises. A “lack of new customers and orders” did not affect me for a long time. On the contrary. My company Living Internet was found and always supplied with new customers by recommendation. In addition there was a very stable foundation of loyal and valuable existing customers.

The shock! The rules of the game have changed…

The resilient foundation of my company has always been: A large part of the current turnover is generated by satisfied and reliable existing customers. But then: One of my biggest customers, Fundament, my basis for secure growth, was sold. The new owner was not interested in the shared past and the values that had grown, but only in the price. And so the rules of the game changed dramatically. I had to make a decision: Acquire new customers or continue building on a shaken foundation at poor prices.

The price of cold calling!
A large part of my working time was no longer spent on customer projects and the high-quality support of our customers. The hunt for the real decision makers in companies was incredibly exhausting. The process was almost always the same: Either the time of the call was inconvenient, the managing director was in an appointment or the secretary didn’t let us finish our conversation and teased us away.
This cold calling was frustrating and insufficient. – And also a pure waste of time. Why spend over 90% of the time dealing with people who don’t want to become customers anyway? A more intelligent alternative was needed.

Because Living Internet can do exactly what you imagine – promised!

Björn Wesarg

The secret
of my success:

The Internet is full of information that people give away completely voluntarily. But where do you find it? Wouldn’t it be great if there was a search engine like Google that could find exactly this one decision-maker, with all his contact details, wishes and needs? Wouldn’t it even be downright revolutionary if this search engine would search the internet 365 days a year, without breaks, holidays or illness, all by itself for people & companies that fit perfectly into your company’s “loot scheme”?
Wouldn’t it be the decisive business secret if this search engine would then deliver your offer directly to the right decision makers on their desks?

The secret
of your success!

My secret of success is thus revealed: With the help of intelligent algorithms, Living Internet searches the Internet without a break and finds what you are looking for! Would you also like to receive a list of potential new customers every week, waiting to talk to you? These highly qualified leads are identified by Living Internet and drawn to your company, service or product. In plain language this means that your sales department now only has to reap the rewards.

Because Living Internet can do exactly what you imagine – promised!